General and Addiction Psychiatry

New Beginnings provides addiction psychiatry for individuals dealing with alcohol and substance abuse problems that co-occur with psychiatric disorders. Our psychiatrists treat a wide array of patients, including those who have tried to recover from addictions in the past and need further help as well as those who are newly recovering. Ensuring thorough treatment, New Beginnings’ addiction psychiatrists work with patients to identify all factors that are involved with their addiction. We believe that identifying the issues at hand offers patients a more in-depth look at where the addiction stems from and creates a higher success rate of recovery.

Addiction psychiatry includes both medicinal and therapeutic treatments. While we believe the right combination of these treatments will help with success, sometimes medication is not used for certain addictions. Through these sessions, psychiatrists work to understand their patient’s lifestyle which includes medical history, previous and current mental health concerns, current medications, and general state of well-being. Our psychiatrists then create a plan of action, which can include medication, 12-step programs, and group therapy.

About New begin

Welcome to New Beginnings. We're committed to helping you build a Fresh Start in Life - offering multi-disciplinary approach to outpatient addiction treatment with convenient day and evening options each week. All conveniently located in a safe, welcoming environment.